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True Position

True Position:  Free software for calculating True Position. For Windows and Mac.

True position is the deviation from the theoretical location of the hole or feature as shown on the drawing. A True Position of 0.000 would mean the hole is exactly where it is supposed to be. A True Position of 0.010 means the hole is 0.010 off from where it is supposed to be. If that 0.010 is more than the tolerance given on the drawing then the true position of the hole is out of tolerance.

You need to know the basic dimensions of the drawing. This will calculate them for you.

1. Put in the Tolerance according to the drawing.
2. Check the Diameter checkbox if Diameter True Position.
3. Fill in all the maximum and minimum dimensions from the drawing. This will calculate the mean basic dimensions for you.
4. Fill in the Actual X and Actual Y dimensions you measure on the part.
5. If using Drawing Tolerance allows Maximum Material Condition, check the checkbox and fill in the Actual Hole Diameter on the part.

No need to press Enter. Calculation is automatically updated whenever anything is changed.

When True Position calculated result is in RED, the value is out of tolerance.

Maximum Material Condition - MMC
If the tolerance callout has the M symbol then you are allowed extra tolerance. This extra tolerance comes from how much the actual size of the hole is larger than the minimum allowed size.

Short-Cut Method
For the short cut way, if you already know how much the hole is off in the X and Y direction, you can just put the deviation from basic in the Actual X and Actual Y boxes along with the Tolerance, and leave all the other boxes blank.

MMC requires the min allowed diameter and the actual diameter of the hole.
Inch or Millimeter input doesn't matter as long as you use the same everywhere.

Radial or Diameter True Position.
Most tolerances on the drawings you see will have the diameter symbol in the feature control frame. So .005 means the tolerance zone is a circle around the basic point with that diameter. Without this symbol the .005 is a circle with that radius around the basic point - which is twice the size.

Plus and Minus Dimensions

You can also enter dimensions in the plus and minus form to make it easier if your drawing has this kind of dimensioning.
Using only the Max edit boxes, after the main number add plus and minus symbol or just plus or just minus and then the second number, into the Max dimension box.
You can also have 0.2525+.01-.005
The min, max and mean are automatically calculated from this. You can see the calculated mean dimensions in parentheses.

This can also be used for Basic dimensions. If you have basic dimensions on the blueprint you can put them in the Max box with a + or - on the end to signify a calculation. Like, 0.2525+

The Print button will print a picture of the form as shown on the screen.

Download Windows Version Here: ver.  (4mb)
No installation needed. Just put the file somewhere and run it. For Windows XP,Windows 7,8

Download Mac OSX Version Here: ver. 1.0.5  (3mb)
Mac OSX 10.7+

iPhone and Android Version Here.


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