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 Click the link on the i-Logic web site to download the trial version installation. 

First, a file download warning will appear.




Press Run.
(or save it to install some other time)



After it downloads, you will get a security warning that checks the publisher of this software. It should say the publisher is i-Logic Software. If it doesn't, something is wrong and don't run it.



 Press Yes and the installation will start.





If you are installing it for trial before you buy, skip this next screen and it will install the regular IMS font.

If you have a registration number, you can enter it here and it will install the Adobe Embeddable IMS font.  See Also: Font Installation.






 There is now a desktop icon and a start menu item for IMS Wizard.




You can run IMS Font Wizard for up to 30 times before registering it, but after that it wont run anymore without being registered.

When you purchase IMS Font Wizard over the Internet, you will receive a Registration Code that will turn your trial version of IMS Font Wizard into a permanently registered version.

You can get to the Registration window from the System menu (airplane icon upper left) -  Registration.



Enter the Registration Code that you received.  Press the Continue button. 



Open the Registration window again. If it is accepted, the window will change, showing that it is a registered version. 



In order for it to be accepted, the directory where the license file will be created needs to writable. This is in the public documents folder.


In WindowsXP this is: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\i-Logic\IMSWizard\.

In Windows Vista and newer this is: c:\users\Public\Documents\i-Logic\IMSWizard\


The registration code is not tied to the one computer, so you can move it over to a different computer using the same registration code. 



You can uninstall either by choosing the uninstall link in the start menu under i-Logic, or uninstall by the Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs. 

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