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Allows the drawing of the part to be filled in with color representing the stock boundary, for cutting away with the tools. This is more useful for lathe parts than for milling.


When this menu item is checked, INPLOT looks for an outline definition on the 'Solid' layer of the CAD file.


Adding the Solid Fill to a CAD Drawing

This definition consists of a set of points marking the outline of a filled polygon.

1. Load CAD file of part.

2. Set current layer to 'solid'.

3. Make points around the desired outline, creating a polygon.

The polygon will be automatically closed between the last point and the first point.

The points must be in order around the shape, or the filled polygon will not come out the right shape. It's possible that if you did a lot of deleting of points, the outline points you created may not be saved in the right order in the data base. In this case, start over again by saving the CAD file and reloading it, then creating your points.


Arcs - Circles can be added to the solid layer as well and will be drawn as filled circles.

Drawing this:

on the solid layer will result in this:


To show the tools cutting away the part, assuming the tools also have filled outlines, turn on View menu - Solids and run NC program.

You can save the bitmap image of the window with the Sceen Toolbar and recall it later for a different operation.

Changing the Solid Layer

The default solid layer is 254. If you want to change the layer that Inplot looks for points and circles to make solids from, follow this :

You can set the layer that will be used for solids in each machine configuration.

1.On the Main Menu - 'File' choose the machine format at the bottom of menu.

2.On Main Menu – 'File' choose 'Configuration'.

3.Go to 'Tools' Page. Change number of Solid Layer. Press 'Save'.

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