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Configure: View



User Defined View

When in System Type Mill, this button will display the CAD file and NC plotting in the user defined view. This default view of this button is an isometric view, but can set to any user defined view. To set the user defined view, open Configuration - View.


Set this view by entering how much to rotate around the X, Y, and Z axis from what is shown in the Top view. You can dynamically rotate the view around visually by holding down Alt key and dragging mouse with left button down. The Current button will insert this current screen view. The Default button will set it back to the default isometric view. Then press save.


Fanuc Twin Turret Sync Codes

When using a Fanuc Twin-Turret configuration, the upper and lower turrets are synchronized by finding the same M-Codes in both programs. By default, Inplot uses M500 to M999 as the Sync Codes. On older machines, you may need to start at M100. Or you can set some other number in the machine INI file with FanucSyncStart=

See Also Sync-Turret

User Data Folder and Install Folder

These tell you where the program and setting files are. These were set at installation time. The program file is in the Install folder and all configuration files are in the User Data Folder.




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